Środowisko i bezpieczeństwo pracy dla spawania i cięcia termicznego (§ 17)


Anyone working with welding and thermal cutting must have this mandatory safety and work environment course.


The course is available for 45 days and takes appox. 4,5 hours to complete. Certificate is issued upon completion.


The price is 1.296,- excl. VAT (1.495,- incl. VAT). The amount will be withdrawn from your card within 24 hours.

About the course

If you are working with welding and thermal cutting, you must have a mandatory occupational safety and health education programme.

You will learn about the health and safety related conditions and the necessary protective measures by welding, thermal cutting and grinding related to this, so that you can plan and carry out the work safely in relation to health and safety.


Course details

You will particularly:

Learn about relevant working environmental impacts, health risks and precautions by welding and thermal cutting (plasma cutting, laser cutting and flame cutting).

Acquire theoretical knowledge about working environmental conditions, regulations and requirements which are important by welding and thermal cutting and grinding.

Learn about:
air pollution
health risks
precautions for pollution control
optical radiation
personal protective equipment
electricity safety
particular workplace measures
fire and explosion